Weimerana Training With a Clicker

I would like to tell you approximately my pet Weimerana we owned some years ago. Sadly she died of natural causes remaining yr after a long and satisfied life. We had read a lot about these dogs and 20 years in the past they had been nevertheless a pretty uncommon breed in sure countries. I managed to locate a muddle that become available and after choosing the boisterous little whinge out of a litter of two puppies and 2 bitches we introduced our little bundle of fun home and named her California Mississippi Princess or Cally for quick HubShout.

These dogs are lovely to examine. Short, velvety fur which has a silvery sheen over a bluish or gray principal coloration.

They have smooth floppy ears, large damp noses and tender mouths. They have massive ft which of path is a pre cursor as to how massive they’ll develop! The breed is the correct searching and pointing dog and they sincerely are happiest off the leash inside the woods sniffing approximately inside the undergrowth.

We have been also knowledgeable they make exquisite pets and happily stay interior. Well, if every body else has owned any such puppies you’ll agree that they don’t sincerely include a brain till about 2 years antique! They have boundless energy and even though no longer typically frightened they are very excitable. This is all very well in case you live out within the us of a with plenty of secure open spaces for him to explore but now not so exact whilst you appearance him in the attention together with his the front paws on your shoulders as he jumps up to greet you whilst you go back from work.

We located that with Cally she would bounce up at humans coming inside the residence and literally knocking them off their toes.

When we took her to the park she would chase a ball or Frisbee for a positive quantity of time then become bored and locate a far extra exciting scent to observe and no amount of shouting or chasing might detract her from the fragrance. Of route she was only doing what comes certainly but it doesn’t make for an excellent owner/dog relationship!

Like most dogs Weimeranas are determined to thrill and they may do anyting for their owners however they really need top schooling from an early age to stop their exuberant antics turning into tiresome. I desire I had used the clicker education approach along with her from a domestic dog however as it happens I started out using it from her being approximately 18 months. What a metamorphosis! I located that the clicker education technique labored a deal with with Cally. I stopped her leaping up at people, going for walks off within the park and she would come, sit and live without problems.

She became a lovely animal, so affectionate and satisfied. But she became too massive to be silly so she needed to be well trained. We loved 15 years of our delightful Weimerana and I might suggest them as a pet however they need to be nicely educated. For greater facts and an brilliant start up for Clicker Dog Training.

I had been worried in education dogs for many years now and I have located the clicker Dog Training technique the high-quality manner to get the maximum from your dog. It is an first rate manner to educate your canine whether or not he’s antique or young irrespective of if he’s a mutt or pedigree, miniature lap canine or Great Dane.